Day 1 of RyME is available.

Day 2 is available only at

Unfortunately, cannot host subsequent days due to its limits on the number of files in a project. Day 2 includes an option to skip Day 1, so if your save data is on and don't want to play through it again, you can get caught up quickly.


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I am having some trouble with the internet browser in the game. It's always saying "error" and won't display anything but a white screen. 

I don't know if this is intented or not, but I can't see anything in the game that would indicate that it's supposed to be this way. Even the tutorial prompts you to use the browser, but I can't because it doesn't work. I just skipped that part of the tutorial but it would suck if I need the browser later in the game and I get stuck because of this issue.

I loved this. It was an absolute blast to play. Really clever puzzles and good story. I'm sad it ended so abruptly though, I will anxiously be awaiting Day 2.